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feature-1Come visit us at Cornerstone Dental. Visiting a dentist is not just for checking for cavities; dentistry has come a long way with amazing advancements. In response, at Cornerstone Dental, we have expanded our dental care services in a myriad of ways, to meet your needs and requirements.

Cornerstone Dental is, and always has been a leader in providing you with the most recent research information related to dentistry. To ensure that each of our patients achieves his or her desired smile, we use the best, state-of-the-art technology and methods. Our practice uses the latest equipment and the most expert staff to maintain your dental heath. You can rest assured that your dental procedures are being performed by an experienced and highly skilled dental professional.



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Why does one need a dental exam?

It is highly recommended that you get regular checkups of your teeth; the frequency should be a minimum of once every six months. This allows us to spot and treat any decay in its initial stages, so that it cannot cause more serious damage. Your gums are also examined for any possible problem, when you come for a dental examination with us.

We all know that prevention is better than cure. We have seen many cases where failure to get the problem diagnosed in the early stages results in tooth loss to gum disease. If you are wearing dentures, it is still important for you to visit us for a dental exam.

What all is done by a dentist during the exam?

First, your teeth are examined for any cavities that may have developed since your last dental examination. Along with cavities, any broken crowns or fillings are also checked for. Any sign of dental decay, which may have appeared as a hole or a dark shadow under your teeth enamel, is also checked.

Also, your gums and general oral hygiene are checked to make sure that they are fine and healthy. In some cases, to detect any sort of gum diseases in its initial stages, the dentist might make use of a special probe for testing the deepness of the pockets around your teeth.

Lastly, we check the soft tissues for any kind of lesions or ulcers. Your jaws and the related muscles may also be included in the dental exam.

We may be required to take an X-ray of your teeth, if we feel it is necessary. In general, everyone has two small radiographs of his back teeth taken, in every two years. These radiographs help to detect any hidden decay; also, the level of the bone, which might indicate periodontal disease, is shown.

I am wearing dentures, would I still need a dental exam?

There are many people with dentures, who tend to believe that they do not need a dental exam, since they don’t have any teeth. Unfortunately, this is not a true assumption. With advancement in age, the risk of getting oral cancers or lesion formation within the mouth increases. Another problem is that dentures tend to become loose as you grow old, which happens because of bone resorption. You may be required to get them replaced or get the fitting surface relined.

At Cornerstone Dental, we are committed to providing you with the upper most quality of dental care. Please get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.