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Root Canals

Root Canal Treatment

When a tooth becomes infected, the solution is a root canal treatment. An infected tooth is the unfortunate result of poor oral hygiene. The buildup of tartar and plaque leads to a growth in bacteria. Infection sets in when the “pulp” of a tooth – where nerves, blood vessels, and soft tissue join to keep it alive – is affected. An infected tooth is truly serious, and will spread to the tissue of the gums, adjacent teeth, and even to the bone if left untreated. Ultimately, these situations lead to tooth loss.

What are the symptoms of a tooth infection? If a patient sees redness and feels extreme tenderness and mild-to-extreme pain, he or she may be suffering from an infected tooth. Abscesses and bleeding are also obvious signs. It should also be noted that there are instances where there are no signs of a tooth infection. For this reason, patients should prioritize scheduling a dental appointment twice a year. Any outwardly noticeable signs of a tooth infection may be caught and treated immediately. But at the other extreme, what if a root canal procedure is necessary?

Closeup of root canal procedure

What is Involved in a Root Canal Procedure?

  1. The dentist thoroughly examines the patient’s mouth to find the source of the infected area.
  2. Often, digital X-rays will be taken to see if the bone or other teeth in the patient’s mouth have been affected.
  3. The dentist cleans and preps the infected area for treatment with the use of local anesthetics, such as gels and injections. These will numb the infected area and protect the patient from feeling pain during the procedure.
  4. A small hole will be drilled on the top of the infected tooth to access the pulp area.
  5. Infected pulp is then removed. The inside of the tooth is then cleaned thoroughly to remove all infections and any excess bacteria.
  6. Finally, a filling is applied to replace the pulp, followed by a crown over the tooth. These steps will seal and protect the tooth.

The staff at Cornerstone Dental in Middletown, NY has the expertise to treat infected teeth and can often perform the necessary procedures in a single visit, thus saving the patient from any prolonged pain.

Once a patient undergoes a root canal procedure, he or she will likely make it a point to be vigilant in maintaining extremely good oral hygiene, as this will prevent the possibility of future reinfection.

If you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms of a tooth infection, call Cornerstone Dental at 845-342-4668 to schedule an appointment for a root canal procedure.