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Crowns and Bridges

Cornerstone Dental provides a wide range of services to our patients for the treatment and prevention of dental diseases. In addition to these services, our dental professionals also perform a variety of teeth restoration treatments so that our patients may have brighter and better smiles. These procedures are conducted through the help of metal-free porcelain and ceramic crowns. And, if time is an issue, patients may also benefit from same-day crowns which are created via a CEREC machine. This machine actually scans and mills the crown, which means less time for our patients to sit and wait.

More often than not, Cornerstone Dental recommends crowns and bridges as the solution to a patient’s request for the repair or restoration of teeth that may have been damaged. Patients should be aware, however, that in certain cases it may be difficult to save and repair teeth that are either fractured or fissured.

Illustration of a dental crown being applied

What is a Dental Crown?

What exactly is a crown? It’s a dental solution that provides complete coverage or encirclement for a tooth or dental implant, offering essential support and protection. Crowns become necessary when a tooth is threatened by a significant cavity, ensuring the tooth’s ongoing health. At Cornerstone Dental, we expertly apply crowns using advanced techniques and materials to deliver lasting results.

Removable Dentures

The Crown Procedure: A Seamless Process

The procedure commences with removal of decay from the tooth, followed by an impression-taking step. This impression guides our team in crafting your customized restoration. Meanwhile, you’ll receive a temporary restoration that mimics your natural teeth, allowing you to seamlessly maintain your daily routine.

During your subsequent visit, we will finalize the restoration placement. Our goal is to ensure that your new crown fits comfortably and will seamlessly integrate with your natural teeth, both in feeling and appearance.

Finally, we securely cement the crown, leaving you with a beautifully restored smile that exudes confidence and functionality.

At Cornerstone Dental, we prioritize excellence in materials and techniques, ensuring each crown meets the highest standards of beauty, functionality, and durability. Are you experiencing trouble with your teeth that a crown or bridge could fix? Call Cornerstone Dental at 845-342-4668 to learn more. Or, call to make an appointment for a visit at 123 Academy Avenue in Middletown, NY.

You’d be pleasantly surprised at how these prosthetic devices may help the health of your teeth and the power of your smile.

Are you experiencing trouble with your teeth that a crown or bridge could fix?

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