Implant Retained Denture

Several Teeth Missing

Benefits of fixed bridge over implants:

Several Teeth MissingTo replace 3 teeth in the far back, the only fixed alternative is to have a fixed bridge anchored to dental implants. The customary dentures cannot offer the same function or stability.

You get unmatched stability and strength by getting dental implants to replace your lost back teeth. You would be able to eat whatever you wish. The procedure would also preserve your facial appearance and jawbone.

The only fixed alternative in such cases.
It is a secure, stable solution, which allows you to eat whatever you wish.
Your facial appearance is preserved and it also helps to prevent bone loss.


You would be required to go through an initial examination. After this, you may be required to visit 4-5 times additionally, until the final fixed bridge is permanently attached. It is very normal to have some minor swelling or bruising in the soft tissues and gums afterwards. Any ordinary painkiller would be enough to treat any kind of discomfort you may feel. You would be ready to work the very next day.

The Treatment’s Course

Steps to Install the Fixed Bridge

What is described here is one of the several courses of treatment available. Consult a dentist to find out which solution will work best for you, depending on your specific condition.

Several Teeth Missing1: Prior to the procedure – 3 teeth on the back end are missing. The only fixed replacement alternative is to install a fixed bridge. All teeth are there in a single piece and the same is anchored on the dental implants.



Implant installation 2: Implant installation – Implants are installed as the very first step. This is generally accomplished in one single session. It is possible that a temporary bridge is placed at this time to allow normal function.



Several Teeth Missing3: Bridge Attachment – Before the dentist attaches the permanent bridge, it is necessary for implants to integrate with the bone. It can take 3-4 months after the implant is installed. The time varies, depending on the esthetic demands and affected teeth.



End Result4: End result – All the pressure, which used to be handled by your natural back teeth is now handled by the new bridge.




Fixed Bridge Alternatives

Removable partial dentureRemovable partial denture – A removable partial denture usually consists of replacement teeth attached to gum-colored plastic basis which are connected by a metal framework . The function that this partial denture performs, in no way can be compared to that performed by a bridge. A partial denture is also relatively expensive to fabricate owing to the many different parts. On the positive side, it is quite simple to install and spares the natural teeth.