Digital X-rays

Cornerstone Dental has the latest technology:


We offer:

– Digital radiography that streamlines administrative and dental processes

– Digital x-rays that significantly lessen radiation exposure. Especially in case of panoramic x-rays, digital technology is important since ordinary panoramic x-rays expose your jaw and head to higher levels of radiation.

– Dental lasers that reduce patient discomfort

– Intra-oral cameras that enable better visual diagnostics

– Digital Imaging Fiber-Optic Trans-Illumination that enables us to diagnose conditions more accurately

– Digital scanning for a variety of procedures utilizing 3 shape Trios Digital Impression Scanner


The Cornerstone Dental team is very knowledgeable and experienced in the use of the latest technology for specialized services such as cosmetic dentistry.

digital-x-rays  digital-x-rays2


The simplest way to describe the basis of digital technology is to relate it to a digital camera.

With the introduction of digital technology we can now take a high-resolution digital image of your teeth, enlarge the image on the screen so that we can see even the smallest details. This permits us to better diagnose your dental problems, and initiate timely treatment.