Emergency Care

We are here to help YOU!

If you ever have need of emergency dental care, we are here to help you. You may need emergency dental care for many different reasons: severe pain from existing problems such as infected mouth cuts, swollen gums, or abscesses. In some cases, it may be necessary to take prescription-strength analgesics for immediate relief until can treat you during office hours.

What should be done in case of a dental emergency?

In the event of an emergency, immediately call Cornerstone Dental and schedule an appointment. It is important that you describe the problem in detail to us, so that we can advise you what to do before you come in.

How to cure a toothache?

If you are suffering from a severe toothache, you should contact us immediately. You can try painkillers such as Ibuprofen or a similar pain reliever. However, it is important that you read the label first to avoid going over the maximum recommended dose.

What to do in cases of swelling?

Swelling can be caused by an infection. The infection in your gum or teeth can be minor or there may be a large abscess that needs to be drained. A swelling, which is infected, usually feels quite warm and tender to touch. It is important that you call us immediately for your problem to be accurately diagnosed. After your mouth and teeth are checked thoroughly, appropriate antibiotics and treatment will be prescribed.

What to do if your crown falls off?

If a crown falls off, you should keep it secure and get it re-cemented as soon as possible, to prevent further damage. In some cases, root canal treatment may be indicated.

What to do in case of a broken denture?

In general, it is not difficult to repair a broken denture. But never try to repair it yourself, as it may result in further damage. Rather, you should schedule an appointment immediately to get it repaired.

What are dental injuries?

Teeth that are extruded, that is, forced out of their position, or teeth that are broken or knocked out are included in the category of dental injuries. These injuries can be very painful and usually require immediate treatment by a dentist.

Knocked Out Teeth

If you have a tooth knocked out, you should retrieve it and clean the debris and dirt by washing it. You should take care not to handle the root in order to protect the root surfaces’ fibers. As there is a possibility of re-implanting the tooth within thirty minutes of injury, you can try to put the tooth, which has been cleaned, back in its socket. Alternatively, you can place the tooth inside a cup of cold milk. Call your dentist immediately to schedule an appointment.

Extruding Teeth

If the tooth is out of place and is either pushed outward or inward, you can try applying a light finger pressure to reposition it, but in no case should you force it into the socket. You can use a moist gauze or tissue to hold the tooth in its normal place.

Fractured Teeth

The degree of the injury will determine the course of treatment for a fractured tooth. But regardless of the degree of damage, it is important that you see your dentist to get the proper treatment.

Minor Fracture

For a fracture which is minor, we may be able to smooth it out in order to minimize the injury or we may recommend a composite restoration. You will have to take extra care of the tooth for several days following treatment.

Moderate Fracture

Fracture is called moderate if dentin, pulp or enamel has been damaged. If these appears to be no permanent damage to the pulp, we may consider using a permanent crown. But if the pulp has considerable damage, you will require further treatment.

Severe Fracture

In cases of severe fracture, the tooth is usually traumatized and there is little chance of its recovery. Dental injuries may include lacerations and tears to the lips, cheek or tongue and puncture wounds. In an injury related incident, get your wound sutured, repaired, and cleaned. If tongue laceration has resulted in bleeding, try to pull your tongue forward and put a little pressure on it using gauze.

Any kind of damage to a tooth – broken tooth, lost fillings or crowns, broken dentures – calls for immediate care.

If you need emergency dental care, contact us immediately at (845) 342-4668 We will put your beautiful smile back on your face in no time!